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Integrately is Built for Actual Business People

  • No need to spend hours trying get your head around the integration platform
  • No need to pull your hair
  • No need to hire a VA

Ready mappings. No steps to perform. Nothing to learn. Isn’t that awesome?

Even Non Techies can Integrate Their Apps,
Automate Processes & Eliminate Manual Tasks.

Because Integrately has zero learning curve & requires zero effort. We do all the hard work for you.

You can also customize the Automation and add conditions, multiple actions etc.

What All Can I Automate?


  • Add new Ads leads to CRM
  • Stop sending follow-ups from drip emails after specific fields in CRM record are updated
  • Add new Calendar appointments to CRM as deals
  • Create CRM contacts from Ecommerce customers
  • Create Newsletter Subscribers from New CRM Deals
  • Create and send invoices when CRM deals reach certain stages
  • Update CRM accounts when invoices are paid

Newsletter and Marketing Automation

  • Add new Facebook Leads Ads leads to automation in ActiveCampaign
  • Tag contacts when they register for events
  • Invite New HubSpot Contacts in a List to Webinar
  • Create HubSpot contacts from new leads on CRM
  • Add new survey respondents to a list
  • Add new Zoom registrants to automations


  • When form is submitted, create new lead in CRM / Marketing automation
  • Add new Forms responses to Salesforce as new custom objects
  • Add new Forms responses to CRM as new notes
  • Create CRM leads from new survey responses on Forms
  • Add new SurveyMonkey respondents to a list in marketing automation

Calendars & Webinars

  • Save CRM Tasks / Events to Calendar
  • Add new Calendar events to CRM as events
  • Add new Calendar appointments to CRM as deals
  • Create CRM contacts from new Calendar appointments
  • Send HubSpot Form Submissions to Webinar
  • Invite New HubSpot Contacts in a List to Webinar

Google Sheets / Airtable / Database Apps

  • Create Trello cards from new rows on Google Sheets
  • Add new Trello card comments to rows on Google Sheets
  • Create Spreadsheet rows from scheduled / cancelled Calendly events
  • Add Spreadsheet rows for new Webinar registrants
  • Add new Students to rows on Sheets
  • Add new time entries to a spreadsheet
  • Save social media mentions to a spreadsheet
  • Record new social media followers into a Spreadsheet

Social Media

  • Save social media mentions to a spreadsheet
  • Record new social media followers into a spreadsheet
  • Add new posts to spreadsheet
  • Post posts from new rows on spreadsheet
  • Save My posts to a spreadsheet
  • Save liked posts to a spreadsheet
  • Add social media list members from new spreadsheet rows
  • Post on social media whenever rows are updated on a spreadsheet
  • Add new social media geo search mentions to a new row on a spreadsheet
  • Create a spreadsheet row for a post in list in social media
  • Create a spreadsheet row for mentions of a search term in social media

Customer Support

  • Post new tickets to Team chat
  • Get Team Chat notifications for new tickets
  • Add new ecommerce customers to support as users
  • Generate a new ticket when a new paid order in ecommerce is placed
  • Create tickets from new HubSpot form submissions
  • Update CRM contacts from tickets
  • Create invoices from new tickets
  • Create leads in CRM from new tickets

Project Management

  • Add new Calendar events as tasks
  • Create calendar events from new or moved Trello cards
  • Turn new Trello cards into events
  • Create Trello cards from new labelled emails
  • Send emails when new Trello cards are moved to a list
  • Send emails with new Trello card comments
  • Create Toggle projects from new Trello boards
  • Add new Toggl time entries from Trello activities
  • Create GitHub issues from new or moved to-dos on PM
  • Add new GitHub issues to PM as to-do items

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