is an interactive video tool that allows you to add interactive elements to your video content to better engage your audience. More

Does your video content get lost in a sea of other videos the second you hit “upload”? (Quick. Someone throw me a like jacket.)

If you want to capture the attention of busy users, you need to make them the protagonist of your video to wow them.

And if you think that creating interactive video content is only for the Spielbergs of marketing, think again.


With users being bombarded by content everywhere, you need something that’ll make your content stand out.’s interactive videos encourage your audience to engage by making them a part of your story.

The Intelli Design Studio is an intuitive tool that helps you add interactive elements to your video content in a matter of just minutes.

Offering simple drag-and-drop and point-and-click functionalities, the tool is easy to learn from the very first time you use it.

With, any brand has the power to create engaging interactive videos that increase brand affinity and drive sales leads.

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