Investor Scout is a database of over 32K investors that includes investment preferences, contact information, and CRM functionality. More

Your business is great conceptually—it just needs a little TLC: Timely Loaned Capital.

But finding investors for your business is more involved than simply asking that eccentric family member for funding. (“C’mon, Uncle Gatsby. Do you really need another private island?”)

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The number 32,000 sounds like a lot of investors, and it absolutely is.

Investor Scout has documented and categorized investors from all over the world to give you the best shot at finding the right match.

You can access options for angel investor groups, venture capital funds, and private equity funds, along with their investment preferences like location, stage, and investment size.

Early investment can be the difference between getting your product to market and getting it solely to your Xbox Live buddy. (“You get exclusive access to my beta test, halodestroya98!”)

Investor Scout lets you find and raise funding for your business by quickly sorting through thousands of options based on industry preference, fund types, and investment size.

Time to shoot for the big leagues.

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