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Easily launch a referral program and get high qualified leads

Simple integrate software that helps to grow your business and acquire new customers through Referral Marketing. More

InviteReferrals is a powerful and yet simple to integrate referral program software that helps to grow your business and acquire new customers through Referral Marketing.

Why A Referral Marketing System Is Important To Your Business???

Referral marketing is critically important to all types of businesses.

So important, in fact, that Chief Marketer dubbed it β€œa strategic initiative for 2019.”

Why is this type of marketing so beneficial and how can it help build your business?

  • Information from friends is trusted more.
  • Easy promotion opportunities.
  • Referrals remind customers why they choose to purchase with your company.
  • Customers feel like they are part of the company.
  • Referrals show that your business is performing well.
  • Improved rate of customer retention.
  • Increased marketing scope.
  • Referral clients become more valuable to a business.
  • Increased Return On Investment (ROI) value.
  • An increase in customer engagement.
  • Identification of loyal customers and provide exclusivity.
  • Increased awareness of social media.
  • Automating and monitoring your growth.
  • Simple to operate, easy to execute.

Referrals are a low cost and very effective way to generate qualified leads.

These leads are warm leads.

They already heard about your Business and it’s quite easy to gather more information about these people.

These referred customers will convert more quickly and are likely to be a perfect fit for your Business.

Β β€œ People trust the words of their confidants. ”

See Inside the InviteReferrals

Dealmirror Invitereferrals 1Dynamic Managed Dashboard

Dealmirror Invitereferrals 2Referrals LeaderBoard

Dealmirror Invitereferrals 3Systematic All Stats in Dashboard

Dealmirror Invitereferrals 4Invites Statistics

Dealmirror Invitereferrals 5Converts Statistics System

Dealmirror Invitereferrals 6Dynamic Conversions Managed Dashboard

Dealmirror Invitereferrals 7Sharing Content

Dealmirror Invitereferrals 8Events/Reward System

Dealmirror Invitereferrals 9Dynamic Widgets Content Dashboard

The simplest software to design and launch a customer referral campaign.

Incentivize your users to spread the word about your product or service with Invitereferrals.

Offer great incentives, know what your customer wants and target them with the right products and rewards.

"Tool which tell that referral really works"


Pros: Support team is good and available over skype.

Product is stable and Analytics is good.

Cons: Initially it was difficult to understand dashboard options but support team assist to get it through.

Chirag M. - Founder

"Easy to setup and run"


Pros: Fully customizable (texts, colours, sizes, etc...)

You can test many strategies easily

Process of sending mails and Amazon coupons is very simple

Analytics : Shares, visits, etc...

Support is efficient and you contact them by Skype (screen sharing will be useful !)

Cons: I don't really remember of cons, but if I would say something, it's that at the beginning it can be difficult to run all by yourself.

The better is to ask support.

Overall: We ran many referral strategies :

Who will get the reward, at what price, what will you set on mails etc...

Then we installed InviteReferrals on our website with automation, using the Pixel hook they offer

Mehdi A. - CEO


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