Itaggz lets you see the winning hashtags in any industry to use into your campaigns to get more traffic, sales, and engagement. More

You can spend countless hours trying to get traffic with one of these hard ways:

– Blogging
– Writing Articles
– Facebook Ads
– Search Engine Optimization.

Nothing wrong with those methods, we use them all ourselves and it’s what many online businesses do.

But how would you like a simpler & quicker method?

You’ve heard of Instagram right …

Did you know it gets about 58X more ‘engagement per post’ than Facebook?

Plus while Facebook has been losing people, Instagram is growing 5x faster than other social networks.

Now every industry including real estate, coaching, eCommerce, hotels, etc wants to grow their Instagram account at rocket speeds.

But finding the hot hashtags to use to supercharge your Instagram rankings is really hard work.

In fact, most people fail miserably when it comes to using Instagram hashtags…

Problem 1: You can’t get your content at a high level of exposure

Problem 2: You can’t craft the content your audience loves

Problem 3: You can’t turn your likes into leads

That’s why you need ITaggz

Itaggz lets you see the winning hashtags in any industry to use into your own campaigns to get more traffic, sales, and engagement.

Itaggz target visitors to your offers by using a powerful engine which finds the best hashtags for your content in seconds.

This software has seen many of its “BETA” users get great results…

One tester made $480 on his first day by selling 2 “shout outs” and was amazed.

Another boosted her engagement by 834% in the healthy eating niche.

With a few clicks, you can enter any business name or hashtag.

In seconds you can download ALL the winning hashtags. You can even set up an email scheduler to send you the winning hashtags daily.

It’s automation at its finest and is simply amazing.

Itaggz can do many incredible things:

  • Instant Hashtag Search – Enter any tag locate the hottest tags within seconds
  • Business name search – Let your competitors do the hard work.. The swoop in and swipe the winning tags
  • View Posts
    One easy to view pages shows all posts
  • Reorder in 1 simple click
    Sort results by tag, likes, most comments  with a simple click of a mouse
  • Easy Spreadsheet download
    Export tags to a spreadsheet by clicking once
  • Email Tags yourself & assistant
    Easily Send results to your own email or to your assistant.
  • Trending  Searches
    Need inspiration? Check the fastest growing searches super fasy and easy
  • Favorite Categories
    Save your regular business names or hashtags you normally follow with one click
  • Create your own category
    With our 2 step creation system. Follow multiple people in multiple industries and keep everything organized

Itaggz includes these great features and many more. Let’s see:

  • 24/7 Automatic Daily Email System
    Set it up to follow any hashtag or business name. Automate and emails you once per day.
  • 10X Your Instagram productivity
    No more dwelling on what hashtags to use. Cut & paste and create more daily posts instead of wasting time choosing the right tags.
  • Agency Email option
    Set it up to email your assistant daily hashtags. Charge clients for this service and simply forward the ranking hashtags on to them. They will never know your using the power of ITaggz.
  • Massive time saver
    Wake up every morning, cut, paste and upload an image and watch and see the results.