Jumppl is an all-in-one project and team management platform with all the tools you need to make your business productive. More

It’s hard to keep productivity high when technology keeps slowing you down. (“Yes, I need to refresh my email app 12 times a minute. No, I don’t have a problem.”)

Most business apps make you flip between half a dozen screens just to see your emails, team messages, ongoing projects, and calendar.

But what if you could ditch all that tab toggling and combine project and team management functions into a single platform?

Introducing Jumppl.

Jumppl is a modern project and team management platform with chat, client portals, calendars, and other tools to help your business stay productive.

Jumppl makes productivity easier by allowing you to seamlessly flip between projects and groups to manage everything and everyone in one place.

Track your to-do’s and assign tasks to your team, using custom fields for each project and adding or modifying the status of tasks with custom statuses.

You can create templates for repeat project structures, as well as set team structures, enabling specific responsibilities, permissions, and access only to the people who need it.

Toggle between different task views with options for a Kanban board, Gantt chart, or spreadsheet/table view that allows you to perform calculations and view custom fields.

Technology should support your whole team, not get in its way. (We’re not even going to talk about how DJ Roomba ruined the Christmas party.)

Jumppl makes the most common business tasks—communication, project management, and time tracking—more accessible for everyone.

So stop switching between apps for every little task.