KamuTasks is a beautiful Project Management Tool with Informative dashboard, Project management, Task management, Chat and more. More

KamuTasks is a nice Project Management Tool

Informative dashboard

The highly informative dashboard by KamuTasks shows an overview of Teams, Projects, Tasks, Demography and Status

Project management

Manage all your Projects under a single roof. You can create, manage, assign and upload files in the projects

Task management

Kanban Task View, you can also assign your team members to particular tasks, attach files to it, add comments and chat

Client & team management

Create, manage and monitor clients & team-mates by assigning tasks, sharing progress and workloads

User permissions

You have the power to give any permission to the user. Permissions like view projects and tasks, update, delete, and many more


Chat allows you to communicate with all team members

To-do list

You can create your own daily To-do list. That will help you to complete your tasks on time


Make personalized notes for your self because of these busy days.

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