KarenApp allows you to easily schedule appointments and take payments through a personal booking page or an embedded booking widget inserted on your site. More

Scheduling meetings can be a hassle. You know, that constant hassle of scheduling, emailing back and forth, confirming, reminding and rescheduling.

Oh wait..

Forgot to add the Zoom link.

It’s not only frustrating to you, but it is also unnecessarily time-consuming and not user-friendly for your (soon to be) clients.

If just reading that is giving you anxiety, you need to streamline your appointment scheduling process.

Meet KarenApp!

KarenApp allows you to take appointments through a personal booking page or an embedded booking widget inserted on your site

Set up your personal booking page and share the links directly with your clients or via your website and email signature.

Your booking page syncs with your calendar so clients can book based on your real-time availability and you can schedule more meetings without sending a million emails.

All you have to do is choose your page name, set your schedule, list your products and services, and set a payment method.

Automatically Adds A Zoom Link To Your Appointment

Isn’t that one of the most annoying things of scheduling meetings: Having to go to your video conferencing platform and then creating a video call link manually, and adding it to your meeting invite.

Connect Your Stripe Account And Let Users Pay For A Premium Appointment Upfront

Simply connect your Stripe or PayPal(Soon) account, set your price per hour or per appointment and earn money with your appointments. KarenApp never takes a cut — your sales belong 100% to you.

Time well spent!

Automate your meeting payments system to make sure you get paid for the work you put in, immediately after a meeting.

The Only Schedulding Platform You Will Ever Need

The customer-facing design is beautiful and easy to navigate. With all the tools you need to book meetings, hold calls, and process payments, KarenApp clears the way for you to focus on doing the work you actually enjoy.

Sign up today to get lifetime access!

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