KIWI provides countless freelancing opportunities that need urgent attention. Instead of agreeing to days of turnaround time, KIWI focuses on achievable tasks that can be completed rapidly. More

Freelancing is a growing industry as more and more people realise its advantages over full-time work. But every freelancer knows the frustration of spending hours looking or applying for work instead of actually working. It is tiring to have to constantly ‘prove your worth’ to strangers on the internet.

And it’s not any better for freelancers’ clients. Most entrepreneurs do not have hours to spend comparing resumes, negotiating or reading writing samples. Just to save time, it sometimes makes more sense to check YouTube for DIY solutions. And this is where KIWI comes in.

When a potential client is watching a YouTube video for help on a certain topic, KIWI immediately offers them a freelancer who is able to solve their problem immediately. There’s only a 180s wait between searching for a DIY solution and securing a verified expert in the particular field.

Stay online on KIWI and we’ll connect you to those who need rescue

KIWI is a freelancing platform that strips the freelancing process of all its hassle. For clients and freelancers alike, Kiwi is simpler, faster and more forgiving of a busy schedule.

KIWI’s algorithm rapidly connects people with specific problems to specific problem solvers.

KIWI’s detailed freelancer profiles means prospective clients will be told how recently a particular freelancer completed the exact task they need help with.

Helping client growth faster

KIWI was designed for clients to get finished products faster than it would normally take to even find the right freelancer.

For freelancers, KIWI was designed to make sure you spend less time looking for work and more time actually working. As part of KIWI’s commitment to being the best platform for freelancers, all payments are settled within 60 minutes of task completion.

It’s Easy to Get Started

KIWI is a web extension. Just download it and sign up as an expert freelancer. When filling out your profile, KIWI will ask you to describe the specific tasks you are best at. This will include selecting a few YouTube how-to videos that fall under your expertise. This will help the KIWI algorithm assign you to clients as quickly and precisely as possible. 

As long as your web extension is online, you will be connected to clients who need your help immediately. KIWI brings clients to you and makes sure you’re paid quickly – all KIWI payments are settled within 60 minutes of your work being submitted.