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Video content is now dominating social media in a completely different way.

And the people who’ve realised this are creating hugely popular channels with more fans and subscribers than seems fair!

But that’s only because people think content creation is easy, and it’s not.

Shooting, editing, and publishing fresh content is a complex, time-consuming task. It’s a constant struggle to get noticed.

So the people that put in the effort to get noticed deserve all the fans, all the accolades, and all the sales they get as a result.

The problem is video has changed so much that many people are completely failing to get any traction at all.

And it’s not because of a lack of effort, or bad content, or any reason you’d typically think of.

You could have the best content in the world, and it’ll still not get seen.

And it’s all because of the different way video is being used.

The good news is once you know what’s so different, making the change and reaping the rewards is easy.

And the results can be stunning:

• 80-100% more engagement.
• 30-35% higher video views.
• 33% less cost per engagement.
• 78% more visibility in newsfeeds.

And the really good news is that there’s a new application that’s just launched called Klippyo that lets ANYONE make these changes with next no effort at all.

This is a solid app, created by a team who’ve worked with brands like Sony, Tesla, and Vodaphone.

And the app itself has is used and fully endorsed by video marketing celebrity Derral Eves.

Derral is EASILY one of the world’s foremost YouTuber experts with over half a million subscribers.

So there’s a pedigree behind this app that doesn’t come around all that often.

You’ve probably seen all of the different video creation tools that have hit the market over the past 3 years.

But I bet you haven’t seen anything like this before!

Klippyo lets you shoot, edit, and post engaging high-class videos from your phone in formats correctly optimized for social media.

Even Derral Eves, a leading influencer on YouTube with over half a MILLION subscribers is endorsing this new tool.

We all want “easy” when it comes to video creation.

Well, nothing gets easier than Klippyo. Just point and shoot with your phone – then utilize the overlays, filters, and effects built right into the tool.

Brought to you from the same team that created Viddyoze, you know it comes packed with loads of features…such as…

– Square videos… give you 78% more screen real-estate, increase views, engagement, and reduce your cost per engagement on mobile platforms.

– Social video memes… produce stunning results from mobile
newsfeeds on any platform.

– Multiple aspect ratios… Shoot, edit and publish in any aspect ratio that suits your content, platform, or device.

– Professional editing suite… purpose-built for mobile so you
can create incredible social videos on the go.

– Direct social media integration… Share straight to your favorite social platforms.

– Emojis and Stickers… encourage likes, shares, and many other
reactions to bring more people into your social sphere of influence.

– Intros and Outros… customizable intros and outros to grab
attention, create easy branding, and inspire action with direct calls to action.

– Intros and Outros Pro… Integrate your Viddyoze account to bring world-class video animations to your Klippyo content.

– Captions… boost viewer retention and interact with the hearing impaired, people in quiet environments, and the 85% of Facebook users who watch videos with the sound off.

– Captions Pro… as an entirely optional extra, the team at Klippyo will create and sync pro-level captions for your video, for a small fee.

– Quotes… quotes go viral like nothing else, and Klippyo makes it fast and easy to find a quote and publish it directly from your phone.

Grab your copy of Klippyo at their early adopter pricing, which is available for only a few days.


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