Klujo’s gamified funnels help establish a deep and meaningful connection with your audience by delivering a memorable, addictive and rewarding experience. More

Did you know that it is twice as hard to turn an anonymous website visitor into a paying customer than it is to convince a girl you’ve never met to go on a date with you? 

(Put away your lucky socks, Casanova. We’ll get to your love life later) 

It takes on average, 7 to 12 touch points to convert a site vitor into a customer. 

First, you need to identify who those visitors are, and then you would need to nurture them to the best of your abilities. 

But if you are going to spend all this time, effort, and money to drive people to your site, wouldn’t you want your site to get you that email? 

You might be asking your website visitors to join your newsletter, offering them a promotional discount or even valuable content in exchange for their email. 

But just like you and your competitors, EVERYONE ELSE with a website is doing the EXACT SAME THING – using plain, boring and outdated opt-in systems to capture that precious email.

An email is just a plain web address. Just because it was given to you, that doesn’t mean that a sale is about to happen, nor if it’s even valid. You don’t even how where this user is in their customer experience either.

If only making a sale was that easy… IT IS NOW!

Klujo turns your anonymous site visitors into your most loyal advocates using GAMIFIED FUNNELS!

Klujo’s gamified funnels help establish a deep and meaningful connection with your audience by delivering a memorable, addictive and rewarding experience.

It is a fool proof opt-in system that:

  1. Allows you to capture REAL user info 
  2. Gives you great insights as to how those users THINK and FEEL about your company, products and services,
  3. Entices them to spend more time on your site 
  4. Makes users rave about you to their friends and peers by tapping into their competitive nature

Using Klujo, here’s how you can turn an anonymous visitor into a loyal advocate in 5 steps:

Educate via personalized gamified experiences 

Users are presented with a memorable and playful experience based on their behavior on your site. 

Validate & Verify with social media 

The email capture process is simplified. A real and genuine connection is established with your users through the use of using social media authentication. 

Qualify actions/interactions with a points system 

Using Klujo Points, a proprietary points system, you will qualify your users based on their engagement and interaction with your gamified experiences.

Drive loyalty with a rewards program

The thought of earning points and redeeming them for rewards helps users feel valued. It also puts them into a reward loop; making them more motivated to continue engaging with you. 

Establish advocacy with a points-driven leaderboard 

Klujo’s leaderboards help achieve a greater level of advocacy by driving our human desire to compete with others and to become the best.

So who would benefit most from Klujo?

  1. Digital Marketers
  2. Bloggers
  3. Affiliate Marketers
  4. E-Commerce Marketers
  5. Coaches
  6. Growth Hackers
  7. Recruiters
  8. Local Businesses

And practically anyone with a website!