Knowtworthy offers a core feature set of powerful real-time transcription, instant sharing across teams, and a fully integrated and collaborative minute taking experience. More

Did you know that over $283 billion is wasted on ineffective meetings every year?

When time and resources get wasted on planning, running, and following up on meetings, the company has already lost money. Information is often lost, and productivity along with it. So it comes as no surprise that over 83% of surveyed business professionals think that meetings suck.

Meetings are supposed to leave us with a strong understanding of what we should work on next to achieve the next milestone, but instead we often find ourselves bored and dissatisfied at meetings. We have too many of them, they feel unproductive, and there is much less follow through on action items than there should be.

Knowtworthy addresses each of these problems and provides you and your team a powerful tool that’s going to help reclaim the time you spend preparing for meetings, and direct it to actually doing meaningful work.

Knowtworthy provides real-time collaboration in minutes documents along with quick and easy minutes sharing features, erasing the need to back-and-forth email chains agreeing upon meeting objectives and participants.

Knowtworthy also helps your team stay on top of action items by giving participants each an individual ‘inbox’ which contains the tasks that they were assigned. This allows your team to stay productive and on track, instead of holding the same update meeting again and again because no significant action was taken since the last one.

What you can expect

Saves time for meeting attendees, meeting organizers, and managers.

Improves minutes quality with research-backed templates, increasing overall meeting productivity.

Increases task accountability and information retention for businesses of all sizes.

Best for meeting organizers, project managers, and middle managers.