Kommunity is an event platform that allows you to manage your community and events in one place. Organize local meetups, conferences, and many more with ease! More

Using dozens of tools to organize community events can feel a whole lot like you’re moonlighting as Inspector Gadget. (You deserve a catchy theme song at this point.)

While some products can be combined, you still haven’t found the unified space you need to manage your community and organize events from scratch.

It’s time to replace all those tools with one platform you can use to grow and manage your online community, plus run engaging events.

Introducing Kommunity.

It is a social event platform where you can grow your community, organize events, and communicate with members in one place.

On Kommunity, you can organize an event from start to finish—all from a single, convenient platform.

Get started building a seamless registration workflow when you create an event page with the click of a button.

Fill in your event details, including the title, date, description, and any other information before adding a highlight image.

You can even sell several different types of tickets inside Kommunity while gathering all the data, analytics, and payment information for more informed future events.

Use Kommunity’s embedded email system to send emails to your members to keep them up-to-date on what’s going on inside the community and upcoming events.

With the Kommunity mobile app, you can also use push notifications to update your members every time you create a new event.

Event organization gets way more complicated when you’re dealing with an entire community. (“…I got enough chips and dip for five.”)

Kommunity gives you all the tools you need to build online communities, communicate with your members, and even organize events without ever leaving the platform.

Get lifetime access to Kommunity today!

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