Krademy LMS is a learning management system that helps organizations implement eLearning resources so employees can gain new skills and increase productivity. More

You want to support employee productivity and growth by empowering them with the right skills. (Cue the 80’s training montage.)

But measuring your employees’ knowledge and filling in any gaps are obstacles that not even “Eye of the Tiger” can conquer.

What if you could automate your learning and training processes instead?

Meet Krademy LMS.

With Krademy LMS, you can provide streaming courses to your employees to test their abilities, develop new skills, and more!

Assess your employees’ knowledge with quizzes and assessments, then track and report on their progress.

You’ll be able to easily share assigned courses, assessment results, and course completion certificates with employees to keep them on track with their skill development.

Leveling up and gaining new skills should be as fun and rewarding for your team as it is in a video game (only without the carpal tunnel).

But if you don’t have the right tools, virtual learning and training can be a huge pain to deploy and track.

Krademy LMS takes the stress out of eLearning and helps your employees gain the skills they need, so your team and organization can come out on top.