L-Card, the business card of the future. L-Card is the most advanced electronic business card management app on the market. It is loaded with cutting-edge features. More

Meet L-Card Pro, the business card of the future. L-Card Pro is the most advanced electronic business card management app on the market.

It is loaded with cutting-edge features, including the ultimate Digital Business Card Design Suite, award-winning OCR card scanning, Smart Email Signature, Video Sharing, L-Card Analytics & so much more.

Recognized as one of the top 3 Emerging Mobile Apps for Business at GMASA (Global Mobile App Summit & Awards), L-Card Pro’s popularity is soaring as more and more professionals around the world are trusting the app with all of their business card management needs.

Design Suite

Create beautiful, personalized electronic business cards with popular themes, fonts, colors & favorite backgrounds

Video Sharing

Advertise your products & services by adding instant or pre-recorded videos as often as you like

Data Integration

Export Cards directly to Salesforce, Google Contacts & Outlook

Card Radar

Instantly exchange L-Cards with an unlimited number of contacts at meetings & other business events


Locate addresses in Maps & get driving directions to your contacts’ business locations with a single touch

E-mail Signature

Enable unlimited business card exchanges by adding your L-Card to your Email signature

File Attachments

Attach unlimited files to your cards, such as document links, videos, catalogs, product fliers, and more


Add online calendar link to your card for contacts to schedule meetings with you

Quick Connect

Call, Text, or Email your contacts directly from a selected card using the Quick Connect Buttons


Add your personal or company L-Card to Contact Pages on websites using the “smart” L-Card buttons

Custom QR Code

Create custom QR code designs for your business cards

Card Listing

List cards on tablets for business event participants to scan & collect


Monitor who has viewed & saved your card, as well as who has watched your video, exchanged your card—and so much more

L-Card Enterprise

Provide employees with digital business cards for modern, professional & unlimited exchanges


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