LabiDesk is the first all-in-one helpdesk software that helps companies to solve customer issues and keep them happy. More

LabiDesk is the first all-in-one helpdesk software that helps companies to solve customer issues and keep them happy.

Never lose a customer ticket request again!

At the start regular email inbox may be fine, but as the number of incoming emails, mailboxes and team members grows it will quickly become a burden to keep track of all customer inquiries.

Shared Inbox

Shared inbox (ticketing system) makes your life easier and customers happy from the day one! It’s never too early and never too late to properly organize your company’s help center through a ticketing system like LabiDesk.

Where all helpdesk team members will have access to the same shared inbox dashboard with shared inbox folders and individual ones for each team member or department.

Shared inbox folders are customizable per your preferences.

Your team will love it!

Your customers will give you 5 stars for handling their tickets promptly and professionally!

Helpdesk software

LabiDesk helpdesk software gives you an option to add multiple mailboxes for your shared inbox team members or group emails like: support@ help@ legal@ etc. This way you can setup your shared inbox and have multiple emails delivered to one convenient and user friendly dashboard.

Canned Responses

LabiDesk Macros or also known as canned responses help your team establish flawless communication with the customers.

Not only your helpdesk team or support agents will be able to apply the correct reply to the email (ticket) in a matter of seconds. But they will also deliver the same style of communication across multiple departments and emails.


Manage all your company signatures for all users and emails that you are using from one place.

Enable brand consistent signatures with LabiDesk email signature editor.

Signatures helps your company look professional when replying to emails. Make your signatures interactive, add links to social accounts or even surveys.

Manage automatic replies to tickets

Auto responders are very basic settings that many companies often neglect or forget to implement. What auto responders are good for? If you are a solo founder or have a small team you can’t reply to your customers instantly.

Or when your shared inbox is drowning with unanswered customer emails and it goes on for hours and in some worst case scenarios for days. You don’t want to keep your customers on hold waiting until you get back to them.

Add chat support with LabiChat

LabiChat Live Chat solution enables companies to provide their customers with instant, real time customer support.

Interact, assist, engage, sell to your customers online.

Create chatbots, triggers and campaigns for various customer actions, page visits, their tier, abandoned shopping cart and more.

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