Lara allows you to see sales and traffic data from WordPress and Google Analytics together in the same graph.It allows you to see how effectively your marketing is generating sales without leaving the WordPress dashboard. More

Remember that time when you had an unexpected spike in visitors or sales, and you didn’t know what caused it ? .. From now on, whenever that happens, you will have a full overview of that period.

Lara widget will help you to answer the following important questions :

  • Which keywords were used to find your website on Google search ?
  • Which countries sent you the most visitors ?
  • How long did they stay on your website ?
  • Which pages received the most views ?

The free version of the plugin is currently used by more that 10,000 happy bloggers, with over 100 five-stars reviews.

If you have WooCommerce installed, all orders data are collected directly from your database, which means that you will always see the latest orders data, without the need to add custom eCommerce tracking code to your storefront.

This is not all, as the app comes with a complete permission system, which lets you decide, who views what.

Do you want staff members or collaborators to access some analytics metrics without giving them access to your Google Analytics account ? .. With the widget’s built in permission system, now you can.

Get Lara, Google Analytics widget for WordPress today!

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