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We send a lot of emails but you know what the most annoying, time-consuming, and costly aspect of our cold email outreach is – creating LISTS!

LeadBites knows this better than anyone as they’re the leading provider of custom data lists for B2B outreach.

One of the most common requests they get is to find recently funded startups and now you can get your hands on that list every month at a one-time, lifetime price.

Get Access to 2,000+ Recently Funded Startups Every Month

Sure, you can hire a VA or two to do this work but you’d spend more in 1 month than you would on this deal.

That’s why you need LeadBites Funded Startups List, packed with valuable data points. If you’ve got a solid product, service, or offer, then get it in front of this list.

Do it every month and close deals with prospective buyers with funds to deploy.

I’m talking to you… agency owners, service providers, saas marketers, and freelancers. This is the monthly list just for you!

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