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Overwhelmed with all your Facebook activity? Missing leads? Problem solved!

LeadKlozer is a lead management suite with social dashboards, powerful search engine, direct responders, smart schedulers, lead scoring and social CRM in one place. More

Are you using different tools only to keep up with your Facebook Leads while still missing out on many of them?

Stop the social media overwhelm with an easy to use, industry-best lead management suite: LeadKlozer!

LeadKlozer is a lead management suite with social dashboards, powerful search engine, direct responders, smart schedulers, lead scoring and social CRM aggregated in one place.

You can now easily generate leads and manage them in a smart way – all under one tool!

Know more about the software features below:


LeadKlozer auto-captures your Facebook page engagements (likes, comments, replies, chatbots, messages) and Lead Ad form entries so that you'll never miss the COMPLETE engagement picture for each INDIVIDUAL LEAD.


LeadKlozer has multiple dashboards that collect and organize individual lead activity no matter where or when it is happening.

Use the filterable search tools to see REAL-TIME interactions, top performing ads or posts and your most highly engaged leads at a glance all customizable to your unique business needs.


No more clicking back and forth from one post, ad or chatbot conversation to another.

Reply, comment, like or message from inside LeadKlozer for a seamless lead follow-up process and it will autosave, organize and score the entire lead interaction history for you so that your priorities are always CRYSTAL CLEAR.


Think of Live Tracker as your ENGAGEMENT INBOX for all interactions across any of your Facebook page(s) posts, ads, chatbots or messages, automatically capturing activity in real-time.

Use six different filtering options to completely customize your view of lead engagements.

Click on any line item and instantly see the full post, ad or message thread in a pop-up where you can respond directly to Facebook without ever leaving LeadKlozer.


The tool will send you Facebook notifications when it’s time to do critical things, like follow up with a HOT lead that hasn’t had any interaction for a while.

You set the notifications and LeadKlozer makes sure that you never miss the most important follow-up opportunities again.

LeadKlozer is completely mobile friendly too. So you don’t need to worry if you want to have a quick check even while traveling or when you are busy.

and many more…

Lk 4 Dashboard

With Social dashboards, a powerful search engine, responders, smart schedulers, lead scoring, and social CRM aggregated in one place, you can all focus on the individual lead.

P.S. The Super Early-Bird Discount on Agency plans is now live until 7th June 5 pm EST.

P.P.S. You can stack as many codes you want. We also have the highest value coupon plan with 20 codes that can be purchased all together in a single transaction. πŸ˜‹

P.P.P.S. Zapier Integration is coming super soon.


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