Impress your clients with a nice onboarding so you can generate results faster. It’s time to optimize your social networks. More

You’re talking to a new potential client, things are looking good… do you really want to kill the vibe with a 3-page PDF of instructions for giving you access to their Facebook account?

Why does your client need a PhD in Facebook Ads to give you access to their account?

LeadsieΒ has made it easy for them, so you can focus on what you do best: optimizing their social media, not keeping your on boarding PDFs up to date.

You get access with just a few clicks: Share your link with your client, they log in with Facebook, confirm the assets, and it’s done.

Behind the scenes, they add you as a partner to their Facebook Business Manager and grant you access to the assets you need.

You get exactly the access you need, but without having to walk your clients through on Zoom.