Leadzilla helps you find hyper-precise contact information, generate AI email icebreakers, and track opportunities to turn cold leads into warm contacts. More

Leadzilla combines hyper-precise contact data with AI written email icebreakers to help you get more responses and close more sales.

It helps you find hyper-precise contact information, generate AI email icebreakersand track opportunities to turn cold leads into warm contacts.

It eliminates 80% of the cold outreach tools on the market today and consolidates your workflow into one easy-to-use system.

Advanced Contact Search

Find contacts using typical filters like industry, geography, headcount, and job title. If that doesn’t work, you have advanced filters like funding, technology used, and highly-precise lookalikes of your current/past customers.

Keyword Triggers

Use Leadzilla’s tracking feature to smartly track prospecting opportunities. When a keyword is triggered Leadzilla will notify you. This listening feature helps you connect with prospects at exactly the right time so you never miss an opportunity to sell a warm lead.

AI Email Icebreakers

It uses patent-pending AI email icebreakers. When you find a contact on Leadzilla you have the option to generate a custom email. The platform will search over 20+ data points (like recent blog posts or podcast appearances) then compose a smart email for you.

CRM Integration

AI that writes highly personalized icebreakers. Patent-pending AI personality analyzer for highly relevant emails. Personalization lines based on 20+ data points from the web.

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