Leanbe allows you to comprehensively analyze feedback and requests, generate your data-driven roadmap, and easily share exciting news with users. More

Broadcast product updates and collect instant feedback

Design an interactive newsfeed using Leanbe’s powerful Toolkit including in-app widgets, email notifications and feedback collection.

Collect and learn

Use idea boards to collect recommendations and feature requests from users

Learn about users’ preferences through their voting history

Monitor customer feedback and reviews

Gather bug reports and improvement suggestions

Analyze and prioritize

Comprehensive analysis about users’ background, demographics, geolocation, journey with your product, engagement, voting history, and more

AI-assisted deep research and data-driven predictions on next steps in product development

Prioritization of feature requests through a mix of upvoting results and AI analysis

Use objective data to properly plan and pre-arrange further actions according to their importance and/or urgency.

Build and measure

Build features, develop functions, fix bugs, release and test versions based on their priority

Share big news with your users in the form of emails or widget announcements, and ask what they think about recent updates

Assess needs & analyze feedback to measure user satisfaction and the level of compliance to their expectations

Evaluate the business impact of medium to big changes and improvements

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