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LetMailBox lets you have access to the world’s best click to open rate booster suite of the most complete email interaction, personalization, engagement and conversion tools available in the market in one easy to move dashboard.

From sending personalized autoplay videos, images, emoji rating, signatures, social share buttons, and many more features are all available to you in this single tool.

With LetMailbox, you can create emails that do the pre-selling for you and with the special tools like Personalised Videos in Emails & Mute Button Technology, you will see an increased rate on the email clicks immediately.

You can also upload any video and convert them into click magnets, strategically placed in your email that auto-plays when your subscriber opens your email, it shows their names appearing WITHIN the video. It gives a perfect feeling to anyone as if the email’s been just drafted…EXCLUSIVELY for them.

There’s much more in this one single tool that would blow away your mind. Let’s continue further to understand more about what this unique tool is all about!


  • Triple Your Clicks With Autoplay Videos & Mute-Button Technology – The most important goal of email marketing influencers is to increase the ENGAGEMENT RATE of email marketing.

INTERACTIVE EMAIL CONTENT increases the Click-To-Open Rate, and according to Martech Adviser, adding videos to your email content can Boost Click Rates up to 300%.

  • Personalize Your Links – As a professional email marketer, you will often use links within your emails. These links can be long, or from locations that you do not want to reveal to your subscriber in your emails.

With LetMailbox links you are in control of any link used in your email message.

  • Everything In ONE Dashboard – Find all your email booster elements in ONE Easy To Use Dashboard. Push button simple and intuitive to every single user.
  • 24 Quality Email Widgets – Choose from 20+ email tool elements for your next email broadcast. From videos to images, from polls to timers, and all your favorite social media widgets.
  • Copy/Paste Simple – Create your element ONLY ONCE and Copy/Paste your element into your email autoresponder in SECONDS.
  • Fast & Easy Video Conversion – LetMailbox converts any MP4 file into a Clickable Email Video! Use any size of video and LetMailbox converts is for you.
  • Engagement Boosters – Choose your favorite Engagement Booster to maximize engagement with your emails, direct your subscribers to our Thank You Page and capture crucial data for your next broadcast.

Do you want to use YOUR OWN Thank you page? No problem, just toggle on the custom thank you page switch and fill in your URL!

  • Conversion Boosters – LetMailbox conversion boosters are built to push your click to open rates through the roof! Use any of this element to entice your subscriber to click and redirected to any location you choose!
  • Growth Multipliers – Our growth multiplier elements will enable you to boost your messages through integration with social media. Integrate with YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Google Maps.
  • Clear Analytics – Keep track of your Elements and Clicks with your OVERALL STATISTICS

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