DomainFox is a domain expiry notification app that help you monitor all your domains in a single place with SMS & Slack alerts. More

DomainFox is a simple domain expiry notification platform for teams via Email, SMS, Slack. Now you can monitor all your domain’s for a lifetime.

Do you believe that some of the big Internet giants forget to renew their domain name? Can’t believe? Yes, we too.

Let read this story where the marketing giant Marketo was failed to renew their domain.

After this incident, we think about it and surprised how could it happen. Crazy?

The problem starts when any one of your teammates holding the rights to manage the domain where others don’t have.

Though the domain registrar sends expiry notification, the emails are going to unmonitored inbox like [email protected] or to the person who usually busy and forget to renew the domain.

DomainFox wants to solve this problem.