FreshMember allows you to have a membership site integrated with Paypal or Stripe to collect one-time or recurring payments from your members. More

Today, Netflix (as well as Hulu, Amazon Prime) have taken over marketshare.

Just like Spotify and Rhapsody for music.

Just like ESPN Insider and other e-subscriptions to replace Magazines/Newspapers.

Its no secret that the membership model WORKS – but it has evolved.

People want content – and are willing to pay for it, but they want to consume it ONLINE.

Which is why Internet Entrepreneurs in literally every niche – from Ultimate MMA to Survivalist to Sports Training like Golf and Ice Hockey to Weight Loss to Woodworking to Stock Trading and Investing to Business Opp…

…many, generating 4, 5 even 6 figures per MONTH in subscription fees from their members.

Now you can replicate sustainable online businesses like these at a FRACTION of their costs…

FreshMember allows you to have an entire membership site – that is fully integrated with payment gateways like Paypal and Stripe to start collecting one-time and recurring payments from your members!

  • 10+ Responsive Membership Design Templates
  • Loads of Different Content Layout Templates
  • Easy Management of All Membership Sites
  • Simple Members Management
  • Payment Integration (supports one-time/subscription)
  • Integrated Checkout Design Templates
  • Email API Integration (top platforms)
  • Fully-Customizable Transactional Emails for Members
  • Publish Content Immediately, Scheduled or Drip
  • Comment Engagement & Moderation
  • Q&A Community Add-On
  • Facebook Group/Page Integration Add-On
  • Robust Sales & Forecasting Reporting


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