Hushed allows you to protect yourself from spammers, recruiters, stalkers, and prying eyes with a private second business line. More

6 years ago I filled out an innocent form online that required a text message verification. I naively wrote down my personal cell number, completed the form, and hit submit.

The next day it was clear –Β I’ve made a huge mistake.

I received several calls and text messages from spammers, telemarketers, and sports betting “experts”. My number was now on some list being sold for pennies to some scummy people

And there was little I could do to stop it.

The truth is anytime you share your personal number with someone else, whether it’s for:

  • Your business
  • Craigslist ads
  • Online forms and verifications
  • Job applications (my developer friend is hounded by recruiters)
  • Somebody you meet at a bar

You’re opening yourself up to unnecessary risk.

The best way you could eliminate this risk is by getting aΒ second, private phone number.

HushedΒ is an iOS and Android app that lets you do just that. Hushed provides you with a second phone number you can use to send/receive text messages, phone numbers, andΒ even picturesΒ πŸ˜‰

Even better, they’re all contained in your app so you can lock it down, delete them, or turn your notifications off after business hours, so your customers aren’t calling you at dinner time.

No more dealing with messy contracts, SIM cards, services that don’t allow photos, or carrying around a second phone.

That’s plenty to chat with customers, text your sales prospects, or send a photo to your business partner. If your business really takes off, you can always top off with more sms/minutes as needed.

If you’ve been looking for a second business line that functions as a regular phone – this is it.

P.S. This deal ends soon or until Hushed comes to their senses. Get it now before it’s gone for good.

Get Hushed today!