Boost sales and conversions adding real or simulated social proof to any site with Provely

As marketers. As Entrepreneurs. As online business owners.

…we live and die by our conversions.

Maximizing conversions helps to…

  • Increase the average transaction value.
  • Boost earnings per click.
  • Drive down ad budgets and expenses.
  • Ultimately generate more leads and sales.

So what if there was a simple HACK that took you less than 3 minutes to implement that has proven boost conversion rates by over 250%?

Meet Provely.

Provely is a powerful conversion tool.

Leveraging social proof and the psychological trigger of “nobody wants to miss out” or “everybody’s doing it”…vis how Provely is instantly boosting conversions for any offer or landing page.

How it works, is easy.

Step #1: Integrate your lead/sale source.

Step #2: Add a little snippet of code to your page or site.

Step #3: Start displaying eye-popping notification that creates instant social proof, while encouraging others to follow along and do the same.

  • Lead generation opt-ins.
  • Webinar registrations.
  • New customer sales.

See a live demo of Provely in action (watch the notifications come flying in)

For a limited time, Provely is running a special “Charter” offer that will allow you to use Provely with virtually no restrictions.

  • Create an unlimited number of widgets.
  • Install widgets on an unlimited number of personal websites.
  • Display your widgets to an unlimited number of visitors.

Oh – and even remove the Provely branding from the widgets.

But the charter special is running for only a short time, which means you need to jump in fast.

After the charter special expires – the price is going to jump, as well as have restrictions on widgets, sites and visitors.

Grab your Provely account and start adding social proof onto all of your sites in less than 3 minutes from now!

Imagine you can boost the conversion by up to 250% in just 3 minutes flat.

Provely is a powerful app boosting conversion rates of your sites. It provides the activities of visitors to your sites through widgets to other ones, and urge them to buy or join your products.

We hunted this lifetime deal that passed the deadline but they forgot the purchase link active!

Just click to buy while the page is not removed. Tested and approved!


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