Take reporting to the next level, Create fully customized reports, and track all your analysis and reporting tools from one place. More

You want your clients to see how well their marketing campaigns are doing, but you don’t have time to keep updating reports for them. (“The numbers don’t lie… because they don’t exist yet.”)

Hunting down metrics, deciphering KPIs, and building new reports is stressful and tedious.

Wouldn’t it be great to automate the creation and updating of reports, so you and your clients can easily track helpful real-time data?

Reintroducing Reportz, now fully enhanced.

Reportz is an intuitive, fully customizable KPI-based reporting tool that pulls real-time data from all your marketing channels.

With Reportz, you’ll be able to automate the reporting process for clients, ensuring that they get regular updates with no extra effort on your part.

These automated reports allow you to speed up your client reporting system and increase transparency between you and your client.

You can add an unlimited number of users, which means each user in your organization can collaborate more efficiently while also reporting for their own individual clients.

Reportz offers a KPI-based, customizable dashboard that pulls data from your marketing channels in real-time!

Customization isn’t just for wedding cakes and Build-A-Bear Workshop.

Creating custom dashboards in Reportz is a quick and user-friendly process that lets you white-label your dashboard with brand logos, colors, backgrounds, and more.

Just like waiting in line is the least exciting part of Walt Disney World, the fun part of marketing definitely isn’t manually updating reports. (Wheee…)

It’s time to put reporting on autopilot with customized reports, KPI-driven dashboards, and real-time updates.

Reportz lets you take back those valuable hours and hypercharge your reporting process.