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You are one click away from the future of typing. Express yourself faster using the world’s leading word prediction software for Windows.

Clean Up Your Inbox At Lightning Speed

Lightkey’s AI-Powered word prediction software learns your typing patterns and gradually predicts up to 12 words including punctuation marks, allowing you to compose emails 4 times faster, with confidence.

Focus On Your Ideas, Forget About Typos

Lightkey’s AI-Powered spelling correction technology offers real-time suggestions for misspelled words.

In addition to its built-in vocabularies, Lightkey will learn and offer spelling corrections based on your unique vocabulary.

Get The Most Relevant Terms For Your Professional Content

Lightkey includes over 60 content domains including technology, business, finance, law, academia, and more.

Using its deep learning context analysis capabilities, Lightkey will offer you the most relevant terms.

Benefit From Predictive Text In Any Desktop Application

Lightkey natively supports MS Office Outlook, Word & PowerPoint and Google Chrome apps Gmail, WhatsAppWeb, LinkedIn Messenger, etc.

For any other application, simply activate Lightkey Anywhere and benefit from predictive text.

Lightkey will offer you the most relevant terms

Predicts up to 12 words, including punctuation marks, in 85 languages

Offers real-time suggestions for misspelled words

Offers the most relevant terms for your professional content

Intuitive dashboard helps you unlock your key productivity metrics