With Link Sourcery you can scale your earned media, domain authority, credibility, and traffic by identifying the best link opportunities, responding quicker, and efficiently managing your link building efforts. More

One of the most relevant Google ranking factors is the number of high quality backlinks pointing to your site.

These links are like votes of confidence and when authoritative sites link directly to you, It improves your search engine ranking signals, builds brand awareness, improves organic rankings, and increases traffic.

So how do you secure such valuable backlinks?

We recommend earning them and avoiding black hat methods. You can earn such links in a matter of minutes with Link Sourcery.

Let us explain…

Top publications need high quality content.

Therefore, the journalists that write for them need subject matter experts to contribute to their articles.

They put these requests on platforms like HARO and get dozens of responses from industry experts like your competitors.

That could be you. Now I know what you’re thinking – I don’t have time to do this. Luckily, Link Sourcery will help you efficiently manage this process.

Link Sourcery was created by leaders in the SEO industry who have almost a decade of experience securing valuable backlinks for their clients.

In that time, they’ve developed a deep understanding of how to win link placements and created a solution to optimize and manage the process at scale.

Here’s how Link Sourcery solves your biggest outreach challenges.

Avoid the chaos of piece-mealing an outreach system together. Link Sourcery’s platform includes all the features you need to manage link building outreach.

You can now ditch cumbersome project management tools, disorganized spreadsheets, logging in to multiple Gmail accounts, unintuitive team portals or Slack channels.

An app that doesn’t try to be everything – it was built for journalist outreach. Plain and simple.

Use Link Sourcery’s platform to:

  • Organize projects to manage outreach for multiple brands
  • Connect one or more Gmail accounts
  • Invite team members to assist
  • Review link opportunities and publication metrics
  • Send pitches directly from the platform

Get free exposure and traffic to your website by using Link Sourcery’s data-driven outreach platform. Curate, earn, and manage backlink opportunities faster than ever before.

The platform also gives you the data needed to identify outreach opportunities that you can win.

Link Sourcery’s data-driven approach provides users with deeper insights about the publication such as:

  • Media outlet or publisher information
  • Domain Rating (DR)
  • Traffic Volume
  • Link Type provided by publisher (do-follow / no-follow)
  • Filter by category or keywords

Avoid decision-making fatigue by having the right data at your fingertips. This helps you find more relevant queries, submit quality pitches, and land more backlink placements.

Unlike many other marketing tools, Link Sourcery does not interrupt your workflow or add more tasks to your to-do list.

It genuinely focuses on eliminating busy work so you can send better pitches faster.

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