With Linkin Bio, URL Retargeting, and Curated Pages, Linkjoy helps you Increase Brand Awareness, Generate More Leads and Re-Target one-time Visitors. More

Linkin Bio – Power up each of your posts on Instagram and take your followers where you need them to be.

With Linkin Bio, the users can assign links to each and every Instagram Posts so they do not have to be limited to just one link in the bio and drive traffic from Instagram.

URL Retargeting

Shorten URLs and run scripts to retarget one-time visitors to get more out of your Ads.

Along with shortening of URLs, they can track the number of clicks on links, conversion rate, referral sources, locations, and devices.

Curated Pages 

Create Mobile-first Micro-landing pages in minutes. Build Portfolios, Generate Leads, Get followers, or plain old Redirect your followers.

Drive traffic from their social media bio links to a curated page containing all of your useful and always up-to-date links.

Add links to your services, products, videos, other social media networks, and more with easy to use blocks and customizable layouts.

What Can You Do With Linkjoy?

Do More Influencing

Build Portfolios or generate leads. Create branded short URLs and track them. Make each of your post deliver best results.

Sell more from your Store

Make Instagram your store. Link each post directly to your products. Track one-time visitors & retarget them for higher ROI.

Bring in More Readers

Share and curate third party content along with yours. Link stories on each of your posts and create branded short links.

Get More People to Events

Create mobile first pages with most important links in minutes. Retarget visitors and get better analytics.

Make More Commissions

Build product collections that stay up-to-date with your affiliate links. Track clicks and retargets them.

Linkjoy talks to everything and integrated with them all. From your analytics platform to support tool to the CRM software, you have that ‘love-hate’ relationship with.