With Linkypage, you can make use of multiple social media platforms and drive traffic to your content & contact channels. More

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With Linkypage, you can make use of multiple social media platforms and Drive traffic to your content & contact channels — all connected on one Linky Page!

You can simply create and customize the design of your page and link unlimited number of online presence places, such as messengers, social media, blogs, website, store, etc.

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One page for unlimited online presence

Build & customize one link for multiple online presence places

Connect to various audiences, contacts, & channels

Drive traffic to content & contact channels from Instagram & other Social Media using one Linky Page

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Put branded short link to wherever your online audience inhabits

Wider reach

Give people ways to contact you to facilitate connection, grow loyalty, & increase multichannel engagement

Ideal for social media bios

Allows quick and easy information access for your followers & clients

Offline to online

Get dynamic QR code, customize it, download & put on every surface; makes all your materials clickable

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