Listnr is an easy to use text to speech conversion tool powered by AI. It helps you convert all your texts into a speech with human-sounding voices that you can choose from. More

The anticipated growth in audiobooks and podcasts is part of a larger trend of better-than-you-might-think growth in audio overall.

The Podcast (Audio) industry is an emerging niche to get started with. With more and more people turning to podcasts vs simply reading a blog or watching a video, you can find audio content today as compared to the last few years.

Easy One-Click Conversion 

Listnr converts your Blog into a Podcast with the help of Google WaveNet TTS. You can select based content from any website or write in the dashboard to download your audio file and distribute it anywhere you’d like.

High Quality, Human sounding voices 

Listnr supports a variety of the world’s most spoken languages with 30+ natural and human-sounding voices in 30+ languages and 50+ dialects, anywhere from English to Mandarin, with Regional dialects like British, American, Indian English.

Easily Embeddable 

Select text from any website and Embed your podcast anywhere you want. You can also embed your audio files into your blog post or website with code snippets!

Find various customizations and integrations within Listnr.

AI Voice-Overs 

Use Listnr as Voice-overs for your YouTube videos, blog posts, or Convert your ebook into an Audiobook.

Listnr helps you convert your text into audio with its state of the art Text-to-Speech algorithm.

Audio Analytics 

Change the color and tone of the audio player to your own likings.

Publish to any Podcast hosting platform 

Listnr also lets you Publish to any Podcast hosting platform like Transistor, Spotify, Google and Apple Podcasts, and many more.

Automatic RSS Feed of your podcast 

Every time you upload new content, your RSS feed gets updated hence updating your podcast on all platforms you’ve hosted on.

Social Sharing 

Listnr lets your share your podcast on Various social media channels like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Email Subscribers 

Your users get the ability to subscribe to your podcast from the audio player using email capture.

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