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The only thing you should worry about when you’re going live is whether your audience can see the lower half of your outfit (pajama pants count as athleisure, right?).

But having to configure your camera and complicated software makes livestreaming your presentation an even bigger nightmare.

Ready to simplify your broadcasts with an easy way to embed your presentation in your video and broadcast it live?

Meet your streamy hero: Livapp.

Livapp allows you to embed content in your video and broadcast it live via a mobile app.

Just drag-and-drop your slides and logos on the Livapp.fr platform and then manage them during the live stream via mobile app.

Livapp lets you enhance your live streams with creative flourishes

Add slideshow presentations, logos, names of speakers, their astrological information – whatever fits the tone of your broadcast!

Select, scroll through, and hide inlays right within your app cockpit

Livapp’s camera mode allows you to zoom in on what you’re filming (and show off your semi-successful DIY haircut).

You can also view the full screen of your inlays and manage what your audience sees. Plus, you don’t have to worry about embedded content diminishing your video quality.

Capture mini clips of your presentation highlights and have them directly saved on your phone

Livestreaming presentations and meetings shouldn’t be the most stressful part of your day.

Thankfully, you can count on one sleek solution to help you enhance your broadcasts with slides and logos.

Embed, stream, record? There’s Livapp for that.

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