LiveCaller Is A Cloud-Based Customer Communication Software That Allows You To Directly Communicate With Your Web Visitors Via Live Chat, Web Call, and Co-browsing From Anywhere! More

Customer service is an essential part of your business model. While you are taking care of them via support emaills, you miss out the conversions that also happen via Call Support.

Now, when you get a service which allows you to do both, it will not only help you increase the engagements and sales converionsbut will also help you increase the inbound call volume thus taking your customer support on another level.

And to do this, you don’t need multiple software integrations into your business but just one!

LiveCaller – An all-in-one solution that combines different communication channels (Chat, Call, Co-Browsing, Social Messaging Apps) into one platform.

LiveCaller is a cloud based customer communication software that allows you to directly communicate with your web visitors via live chat, web call and co-browsing regardless of wherever you are and where they may be.

LiveCaller understands the importance of direct communication with your web visitors.

This software is uniquely designed to enable you to make contact with them all from one system – instead of just an online chat, your web visitors can call you directly, share the screen and more.

Web-Call – LiveCaller allows your customers to call you directly

Changing The Way You CommunicateWith Your Web Visitors – LiveCaller allows you to communicate directly with your web visitors by means of a web call. Forget online chats, the future is voice call and the future is now.

Live Chat -Chat in real time with your web users

Whatever Cannot Be Said Verbally, Type It Through Chat – There are some situations where voice calling may not be appropriate. It’s with this in mind that LiveCaller’s has created its online chat feature, all connected into the same software. Send documents, information or anything else you may need to communicate with your web visitors, all in one place.

CoBrowsing -LiveCaller gives you everything you need to contact your web visitor, help them to make proper decisions

LiveCaller’s co-browsing service means you can logon to any site with Live Caller installed to assist your customer

  • No Need For Customer To Explain Their Issue, Let Them Simply Show You
  • Problem Solving 4 Times Quicker
  • Eliminate Next Issues
  • Maximize Online Presence & Conversion
  • Go Above & Beyond Customer Expectations

Increase Customer Satisfaction – We all want happy customers. LiveCaller’s CoBrowsing feature means you can log on to your customer’s computer, phone or tablet to directly access the specific website they are on and get the issue or query resolved, then and there.