Livenar is the first Live Streaming platform on the planet that delivers all of the benefits of a webinar…using Facebook Live! More

Without Livenar

Unreliable notifications, no customized registration page for your event, getting your viewers’ email and phone number impossible – no reliable way to stay in touch with them and follow up

Facebook live With Livenar

Super-easy scheduling, fully customizable registration page including video intro, tracking codes and the works, list building with email and contact info for personalized, super-reliable follow up and MASSIVE show-up rates.

This New “Secret Weapon” helps you get more people to show up to every live!

Livenar was created so that entrepreneurs like you, who don’t have time to message every attendee individually 5 minutes before every event, can easily automatically notify everyone by SMS and email so you have time to focus on creating a great live event!

With Livenar you can also…

  • Create custom registration page
  • Create custom thank you page
  • Insert header and footer tracking codes
  • Link your favorite auto responders
  • Send reminders by email and text message
  • And even customizethe preview that people will see on Facebook!

Livenar Gives You the Platform You Need to Make Facebook Live a True Video Marketing Machine!