Try an advanced platform for webinars fully tailored to your business. LiveWebinar is a handy webinar platform that allows all types of users to host the event they want. More

Looking for a webinar platform that isn’t as complicated to set up as outdoor twinkle lights? (Brb, going to be detangling these bad boys until Christmas 2022.)

Want to impress clients with professional presentations without worrying about audio and video performance?

Meet the multi-featured webinar platform that lets you organize and host a variety of online events.

Introducing LiveWebinar.

LiveWebinar is a handy webinar platform that allows all types of users to host the event they want – whether it’s a sales meeting, a virtual event, online lesson, recruitment of news employees, or anything in between.

It has also customized branding, screen sharing that make collaboration and teamwork a breeze and help you create a highly interactive event.

Use engagement tools and stream your event to multiple platforms at once! Plan webinar in a few clicks. Joining an event is even simpler – there are no downloads or plugins required, so you can attend a webinar anytime and anywhere!

Full customization

Choose a tailor-made solution to suit your business needs

Advanced API integration

Connect LiveWebinar with your go-to tools

Works with any device

Join webinars from PCs, Smart TVs or mobile devices

Marketing automation

Integrate with multiple marketing automation tools including Zapier, SendFox, MailChimp, & more.


Draw, write, & explain better your thoughts with a virtual whiteboard

Live streaming

Share your webinar to social media (streaming to many platforms at once available)

Virtual backgrounds

Keep your meeting background distraction-free! This feature allows you to display an image as your background during your webinar.

Professional presentations don’t have to be tricky—nor should you have to worry about getting stuck using the potato filter for the duration of your event. (“I guess you really are what you eat, huh.”)

With high-quality presentations, tools to boost engagement, and automated integrations, LiveWebinar is perfect for driven sales professionals and marketers.

Make your webinars more exciting and effective.