Meet LOGO.IM, an Unlimited Logo Maker. Just enter your company name and wait for logo designs we’ll have generated automatically for you. More

Create a logo with LOGO.IM, or even better: create as many logos for you and your friends as you will ever need!

It’s easy like 1-2-3

1- Enter a name

Start with a company brand or name and continue. If you don’t have a company name yet, we can help you find one!

2- Select an idea

Our intelligent system will automatically generate the best logo ideas to choose from. Logo template you like isn’t perfect? You can make it perfect in another step

3- Edit & Download

Last step is an easy-to-use drag and drop, where you can re-arrange logo elements, change fonts, colors, add objects and more!

It’s where you have full control over your logo design!

You can move anything around, add a line of text, add new logo elements, or modify as many pieces of text or elements you need to make your logo look perfect!

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