LongTailPro helps you easily find less competitive keywords that can get you tons of high-converting online traffic for any niche. More

If you are like me, you LOVE AppSumo, because of all of the amazing deals they work out with product creators – specifically never paying ongoing subscriptions for software/tools you use and love.

Well, that’s what we did with the LongTailPro.

LongTailPro helps you easily find less competitive keywords that can get you tons of high-converting online traffic regardless of your niche.

This keyword research tool flat out rocked and was the best (in our opinion) intelligence tool for finding long-tail keywords on the web.

Over 70,000 people have downloaded and use LTP to conduct all types of keyword research.

LongTailPro has EVOLVED, to say the least.

It has transitioned from a desktop app to a SaaS (web-based) app.

And I reached out to the owner and said: “Hey, can we bring a special deal to LtdHunt community?”.

Check out the new LongTailPro – Cloud SaaS Edition!

Finding Low Competition / High Volume Keywords

In-Depth Competition Analysis

This lifetime deal includes are all of the great features you would expect

  • 10,000 keywords (no expiry)
  • Keyword Competitiveness Score & Competitor Analysis
  • Search for keywords manually or get hundreds of suggestions for each keyword search
  • Keyword results include Search volume (from Google Data) Keyword Competitiveness score calculated by Long Tail Pro for each keyword searched Bid Competition
  • SERP lookup and detailed competition analysis for each keyword
  • Rank Value feature to estimate the monthly value of ranking #1 for each keyword
  • Personal Domain analysis and customized Keyword Competitiveness Targets

So if do any type of keyword research for ANY of your own websites or clients…

If you want to find all of those high search volume / low competition keywords…

If you want to save time and money gathering keyword & competitor intelligence…

LongTailPro has been the staple since 2008 and continues to innovate and lead the charge.

Now LTP is a Web-Based tool which means there is nothing to install.

Only are you getting LTP that has been improved for the pastΒ DECADE, but you are getting the SaaS-version at the lowest price ever.

Killer deal to say the least.

Grab LongTailPro Cloud Edition with 10k keywords now before the LTD expires!


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