Loopple is a drag & drop dashboard and website builder that helps you create beautiful dynamic admin panels and landing pages for your startup and business in minutes. More

Every business needs a way to present its benefits on a landing page and a dashboard, to make it easier to track various data within the company – sales, traffic, users, and so on.

Building a dashboard or a landing page from scratch takes too much time and effort. The attention of businesses must be on the efficiency of the time spent in this process.

Loopple is the platform that comes to your aid. Through our drag and drop functionality, you can prototype your dashboards and pages in no time.

With Loopple you can:

1. Build layouts fast – You can drag and drop components, and add a navbar, sidebars, and blocks to easily make a general idea of how your app will look.

2. Change theme colors – Change the primary colors of your theme and make them fit your branding

3. Edit Components – You can change elements styling in 2 ways

4. Edit Texts – Easily edit texts by double-clicking on them

5. Export, Share, and Preview Code – Share progress with your team at each step of your project by using the shareable link from the preview. After finishing, you can export the code

6. Ready Made templates – You can start from one of our templates (over 50 available).

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