Mail Backup X is a one stop solution for mail backup, archiving, email management & Mail Conversion trusted by 42000+ Business and Home users worldwide. More

Best Mail Backup & Migration Solution Used by World’s Most Trusted Businesses Big and Small.

Mail Backup X is a one stop solution for mail backup, archiving, email management & Mail Conversion trusted by 42000+ Business and Home users worldwide.

Backup Emails From Multiple Sources

A Mail Backup App that’s plug and play with all major mail clients like Apple Mail, Outlook Mac, Windows Outlook, Office 365, Thunderbird, Postbox. 

Configure mail backup with these mail clients in few clicks and all your mails will be Automatically backed up as they arrive in your mailbox.

Save on Storage with 3X Compression

Uses special algorithm designed to secure and safeguard you mail data. Mail Backup X compresses and extracts files to reduce storage space requirements and upload download times for your Mail profiles backed up on cloud and ftp.

We also support repair recovery record, which safeguards your mail data against any any hardware corruption.

No Special Skillsets Needed

Unlike other Complicated Mail Backup Softwares which need a lot of technical know-how to set them up and maintain, we were focused on keeping Mail Backup X simpler, so it could be understood and used even by a novice user.

After ensuring its simple to use and has the least learning curve, we kept the same simplicity going while designing the Business edition of the product.