Send high-quality, personalized emails through Amazon SES

MailSwift is an app built to leverage Amazon SES to help you send newsletters and promotional mailers, 10X cheaper. More

Sending just one email a week to 5000 subscribers can cost you $50 to $250 per month using traditional software.

You not only pay for the emails you send but also for your subscribers as well as many features you might not use.

If you regularly send out emails to engage your growing subscriber base, then these costs can quickly multiply.

Switching to an advanced API service like Amazon SES can let you send 10,000 emails at just $1, however, this requires development and maintenance effort.

MailSwift is an app built specifically to leverage Amazon SES to help you send newsletters and promotional mailers, 10X cheaper. All this with absolutely zero coding or maintenance efforts.

As MailSwift is available for both Windows and Mac, you can simply download it and get started in a matter of a few clicks.

Reimagined Editor

MailSwift has an easy to use email builder with controls that you’re already familiar with.

There are no complex layouts to learn or custom formats to understand. Simply fire up the editor and create beautiful rich text emails that your audience will love.

Custom Templates

Are you having a branded marketing template for all your emails? Simply open the HTML editor, paste in the code of your template and you’re set. You can even edit all the content without having to go back to editing the HTML.

Powerful Tracking

Amazon SES provides powerful email tracking features to know how your campaigns have performed. MailSwift automagically takes care of the complex configuration and ensures that all the emails you send through the app are properly tracked.

Easy List Cleaning

MailSwift can help you maintain your domain’s sender reputation by helping you reduce bounces.

You can specify options to not send emails to high bounce domains or non-existing TLDs apart from loading a do-not-send list.

MailSwift also filters duplicates and invalid email addresses.

Personalize with Mail Merge

Several surveys and studies have shown that personalized emails have higher open and click rates.

Therefore, MailSwift gives you the ability to use mail merge tags in your emails for giving your emails a personal touch.

Multiple Sender Identities

You can use any email address you own as the sender for your campaigns.

MailSwift makes it super easy to add, verify and manage multiple sender identities.

This is especially useful if you are sending on behalf of customers or want to use different identities for different purposes.

A limited time lifetime deal

For a limited time, you can get lifetime access to MailSwift PRO license MailSwift AGENCY license.

Since MailSwift is a desktop app, the license keys you buy will stay with you forever thereby making this purchase truly future proof.

Easy to use and significant cost savings


What do you like best?

The best part about Mailswift is the cost savings compared to using services like Mailchimp.

It hooks up directly to your Amazon SES account (5-10 minute setup) and you can send 60k emails per month for free.

What do you dislike?

The UI/UX can be improved, but other than that it's a solid product.

The analytics can also be improved but I know they're working on it.

Recommendations to others considering the product

If you want to save money on your email send outs, start using MailSwift!

What business problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized?

The cost savings are unreal - sending to a 30k list on Mailchimp costs $215, while it's virtually free with Mailswift.

I can now send emails to my subscribers without thinking twice about the cost of doing so.

Philip K.

MailSwift is an app built to leverage Amazon SES to help you send newsletters and promotional mailers, 10X cheaper.

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