The First Ever AI based Email Marketing Platform to Achieve your Desired Open Rate & Click-Through Rate At ZERO Monthly Fee. More

Email Marketing Is Still The Most Powerful Way To Sell Products And Services On Planet Earth…

From U.S presidents to million-dollar marketers, email marketing is still the #1 choice when it comes to getting people to take action. Yep, it’s even more powerful than social media.
But the problem is that Email Marketing Tools Are Broken

Call us crazy, but shouldn’t email marketing tools be smarter and easier than they are today? Shouldn’t they do more of the actual marketing?

Instead, most email marketing tools make YOU do the hard work:

  • Managing campaigns
  • Optimizing your open rates
  • Removing old subscribers
  • Figuring out how to create better emails

We have auto predict for our phone. We have cars that automatically switch off their engines at traffic lights.

Why can’t we have an email marketing tool that thinks for itself and does more of the marketing work for us too?

Mailzapp is waiting for you

The First Ever AI based Email Marketing Platform to Achieve your Desired Open Rate & Click-Through Rate At ZERO Monthly Fee.

Mailzapp Learns About You And Your Subscribers, Then Helps You Create Emails That Win.

Easy and Intuitive Automation Builder

Create automation flows based on how your subscribers interact with your emails. Perfect for funnels.

Website Behavior Tracking

Send tailored emails to people based on pages they’ve viewed on your website, forms they’ve filled out, comments they’ve made or products they’ve purchased, and watch your emails soar.

Interest Tagging

Send relevant emails to subscribers based on what they’ve shown interest in, have problems with or have requested from you in the past, without having to “break up” your lists into dozens of small ones.

Powerful Personalization

Address subscribers by their first name, location, age and any other variables you’ve collected during sign up and create a personal touch that is proven to boost response rates.

Auto-Schedule Emails

Create entire campaigns or single broadcast emails ahead of time, ready to send on certain dates, times or days of the week, or after specific triggers and events.

Easy Contact Management

Keep on top of your subscribers details, export data and automatically clean your list to remove invalid emails.


Set up Autoresponders and broadcast emails that get opens and clicks!

Machine learning

Real-time machine learning boosts your open rates and click thrus automatically

Reduce spam

Reduce spam scores and delight your subscribers with emails they crave

Intuitive and easy

Design emails that look amazing on any device, without any previous skills

AI based

Explode optins with A.I powered forms that continually increase conversions

Customizable Unsubscribe Page

Your unsubscribe page is your chance to repair your relationship, win back subscribers and yes, even make money.

With Mailzapp, you can make your unsubscribe page your own, with custom design, images, video and text that leaves people feeling good about you and your company instead.

Powerful A.I to fine-tune your subject lines

Emails that don’t get opened, don’t make money. WE’LL FIX THAT TODAY.

Automatic split tests

Throw away expensive tools and complicated testing methods. Our technology will automatically find the emails that produce results so you can get on with your day!

So why wait?
With Mailzapp…

It’s Like Having An Email Marketing Expert Working For You 24/7!

Mailzapp continually improves your email campaigns to ensure you get results, even if you’re new to email marketing.

Now you’ve got the most powerful tool to make it work for you.

Plus, When You Sign Up For You Mailzapp Account Today, You’ll Also Receive These Fast Action Bonuses!

ConvertMeToApp One-of

A-kind, premium software that converts any website or web app into a desktop app (Mac or Windows) or Chrome extension in 3 easy steps.

Create unlimited white-label apps with this amazing bonus!


You’ll never have to give out your real email address if you don’t want to.

Use this awesome software platform to keep in touch with people and always keep your real email address a secret.

Without knowing your real address, no one can ever spam you!

Coachzippy Live

This is the world’s only online education system that allows you to conduct both live and pre-recorded sessions that follow a curriculum.

All interactions such as live chats, recordings, notes etc. are all stored in one place – something that no other platform does.

CoachZippy Live is Mintware’s flagship online education system.

Smart Newsletter Builder

Let advanced software technology help you build beautiful newsletters within minutes.

See all changes happen in real-time while this intuitive system makes it super-easy for you to create newsletters your subscribers are sure to love.


Taking good of your customers could never have been easier, now that you can use ZappDesk, a smart and easy-to-use online ticketing system.

Follow the progress of each ticket meticulously, define workflows that suit the needs of your business, and build long-term, trust-based relationships with your customers.