MarketMuse is an AI-driven platform that helps you build content strategies, find gaps in your topics, and accelerate research and publication. More

If you’ve ever fallen down a Wikipedia rabbit hole, you’d know that good research takes time. (How’d I get from “Isaac Newton” to “Origin of rubber ducks”?)

But when you’re publishing a steady stream of articles, you can’t spend hours manually researching every single topic.

Accelerate your content research, creation, and user optimization process with an AI-powered content marketing and keyword planner.

Meet MarketMuse.

Using AI to analyze and measure content quality at scale, MarketMuse accelerates your content research, creation, and user optimization process.

MarketMuse is packed with powerful workflows that help you create content-driven customer journeys and land your content at the top of Google search results.

While your competitors are still scrolling through research, you can spend just one minute running a query on MarketMuse.

Spending hours researching and writing a paper was a typical Thursday night in high school, but you’re all grown up now. (I’ll never write another bibliography as long as I live.)

You can’t afford to be running on survival mode every time your business publishes content.

MarketMuse gives you everything you need to create better content faster, so you can publish great and publish often.