Marpipe is a multivariate testing platform that lets you build, launch, and analyze hundreds of ad creatives to automate the testing process. More

Testing ideas is how we improve them, like making “practice” batches of cupcakes four months before the holidays. (Can’t help it if the scientific method is also delicious.)

But testing ad creatives is a slog of creating dozens of variants for each platform and then running tests to see which is most effective.

Want to use the assets you already have to make hundreds of creatives and variants in no time?

Meet Marpipe.

Creating new ads is as easy as uploading your assets and dragging-and-dropping them into the builder.

Once you’ve got a base ad, then you can create multiple variants with the same drag-and-drop functionality.

Use variant mode to change the copy, experiment with backgrounds, switch up placement, and much more to get dozens of ideas down in a fraction of the time.

Then just click “generate” to preview all of your variants before launching.

Marpipe ensures that your ads are at peak performance with easy creative building, drag-and-drop variants, and simple experiment launches.