Meetquo is the platform of a remote meeting, where each teammate participates asynchronously and final decisions get tracked and signed. More

This lifelong platform agreement allows teams to discuss, discuss agendas and track decisions in their own time.

Did you know that an MIT study shows organizations usually spend an average of 23 hours per week just for meetings?

This includes real-time online meetings which you thought save time. With Meetquo, you can conduct remote meetings and brainstorming sessions in each member's own time.

By simply creating a meeting document, members can make proposals and exchange feedbacks asynchronously.

You can either type your ideas or record video replies.

Once decisions are made, the team can simply close the discussion.

All results are recorded and saved in a repository so you can review your meetings from time to time.

Gather all your meetings together with Meetquo and sync with them whenever you want.

  • Choose who can update the main Meeting Document & who can only post suggestions and feedbacks;
  • Record or write proposals & feedback asynchronously;
  • Close the discussion & optionally ask everyone to sign the outcome;
  • Find a repository of all outcomes through all remote meetings.