Meetquo is a remote meeting and brainstorming platform that allows teammates to participate on their own schedule. More

We all know that meetings are necessary for sharing ideas and focusing on your strategy.

But finding a time that works with everyone’s schedule—especially across time zones—is about as easy as naming 10 things you love about the live-action Mulan. (“Where’s Mushu?!”)

So how can remote team members come together more efficiently and effectively?

Introducing Meetquo.

Meetquo’s clean and simple meeting and brainstorming workspace makes it effortless to unify your team (unless you’re picking a lunch spot).

You’ll get a bird’s-eye view of meetings happening across your team and be able to keep track of attendees, outputs and decisions in one place.

Just set up a meeting, create teams, invite participants. Then sit back and watch as ideas collect and decisions get made the smart way.

With Meetquo, you can improve the efficiency of your meetings, track important project decisions, and make the most of everyone’s time—anytime.

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