Design responsively, integrate with page builders, and get great support. WordPress CSS editing for everyone!

Customize your WordPress theme with point and click editing and visual updates.

Design responsively, integrate with page builders, and get great support.

WordPress CSS editing for everyone!

Responsive design for mobile and tablets

Designing for different screen sizes is easy with Microthemer.

Our site preview automatically changes size to match any screen-specific styles you add.

Huge selection of CSS styling options

Enjoy an extensive range of 100+ CSS styling options.

Choose from exciting CSS3 styles like gradients, rounded corners, box-shadow, flexbox, animation and transitions to the web design essentials like typography, position, and background images.

Quick and easy access to Google fonts

Save time and effort by visually browsing Google fonts without leaving the Microthemer app.

You can then insert the font you want with a single click.

Quick and easy access to Google fonts

Using Microthemer enables you to see your style edits appear on screen as you apply them.

This immediate feedback creates a more enjoyable and efficient WordPress theme editing experience.

Customize any theme or plugin

With Microthemer’s ‘point and click to edit’ feature you can restyle absolutely any WordPress theme or plugin.

No pre-configuration is required. Microthemer is already compatible with the next super-star WordPress theme or plugin.

Draft mode

Try out a new WordPress design on your live site without worrying about site visitors seeing your work in progress.

Draft mode changes will only be visible to you.

Help and support whenever needed

We understand some customers will need a little help and advice on making the adjustments they require with Microthemer.

This is nothing to feel shy about.

We want to you get the best possible results out of Microthemer and have fun using it so we’re always happy to help.

Please head over to our friendly and supportive forum and get in touch if you are stuck with anything.

Use as a JavaScript Editor

Microthemer also supports custom JavaScript code, meaning you can use it as a complete frontend WordPress editor.

Type some JavaScript code and hit the Control+S keyboard shortcut.

Microthemer will save your JavaScript to a file and automatically update the preview.

Integrates with key page builders

Microthemer integrates seamlessly with page builders including Elementor and Beaver Builder, among others.

WordPress design for all levels

Microthemer is a WordPress customizer for all levels, from web design novices to experienced developers.

If you are not a coder our 10-minute training video will provide the basics you need to customize elements such as colour, background images, Google fonts, text styling, gradients, box-shadow and rounded corners.

Supports developers to work faster

With Microthemer, developers can work faster and more visually by coding in CSS, SCSS, and JavaScript just above the site preview which will automatically update.

There is no need to switch between applications or compulsively refresh the page.


More Features:

  • Inspect and edit in one place with computed CSS reporting;
  • Clean, optimized code that won’t slow your site down;
  • Export your designs between domains;
  • Autosave and undo are there to help if you make a mistake.