It’s a personal meditation coach that is always with you wherever you are. This app will teach you how to meditate in just a few minutes each day, and how to make your everyday experience better! More

Start seeing more today and view every aspect of life mindfully and transform your well-being and social and emotional health in just a few sessions with Mindabout.

Mindabout is an On-the-Go Mindfulness Meditation App that can help you enjoy life more and understand yourself better.

With over 100 sessions, the Mindabout App has been designed to help you with every aspect of life.

Reduce stress and sleep soundly and get the rest you deserve because lack of sleep affects us all.

100+ sessions

Personalized meditation to help you & your community with every aspect of life


Achieving Happiness, Love & Sex, Feelings, Breaking Bad Habits, LGBT, & more

Stress Collection

Knowledge & techniques to deal with stress and enhancing your well-being

Sleep Collection

Sleep hygiene & the techniques so you can improve sleep episodes

Mindfulness at Work

For self-management & enhancing your work life

For your time space

Individual sessions & full collections to be used anytime in your schedule


You can choose from either a male or female voice with all the collections