Create comprehensive diagrams of your meetings, lessons & other ideas with Mindomo, the mind-mapping tool. More

Ditch writing important notes and ideas in long sentences with Mindomo.

Mindomo is a web-based mind-mapping tool, featuring functionality only found in the most advanced mind-mapping applications.

Quickly create mind maps using its easy interface and appropriate toolbars and keyboard shortcuts, and then share mind maps with friends and colleagues by providing a direct web link or by embedding them in an existing web page.

Create mind maps and then share the direct weblink

  • Create your mind maps by using the appropriate toolbars & keyboard shortcuts w/ easy to use interface;
  • Modify a task assignment, data structure, or change concepts by simply dragging & dropping topics on your mind map;
  • Quickly find a certain piece of information or task on your mind map by using the search function;
  • Control who can access your information & how much access people have to your mind maps by sharing your mind maps w/ other users.

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