Mini Cart Drawer for woo-commerce is an interaction mini-cart with many styles, colors, and effects for woo-commerce. You can choose a drawer or floating cart. More

There’s no doubt that having a good shopping cart/checkout system in place is valuable to your visitors and vital for maintaining strong site conversion rates.

But, what could be equally important as your checkout process is what happens when your visitors are adding products to their cart?

The most important thing you need to consider is how clear it is for the customer that they have taken an action. They clicked and something happened. If I’m drunk, have an eye closed with no glasses on, is it abundantly obvious that an action has occurred when I click add to cart?

In today’s world, the Mini Cart Drawer is a good replacement for your current cart page because the user does not need to go on the cart page and they can see the all cart detail in the sidebar. That will let customers access their products in the cart easily and allows them to one-click checkout and increase your conversion rate.

Meet Mini Cart Drawer 

It will display a nice mini cart into your woo-commerce site, you can configure it as you want. It has a nice very easy proactive control panel, also you can configure using WP Customizer.

Also, it has another module for sale booster. You can attract your customers to purchase more items by offering many dynamic discounts. You can offer to your customer, like, “if you spend 20USD more, then, you will get a 2USD discount”.

What is Mini Cart Drawer?

Mini Cart Drawer is an effective, user-friendly, and authentic WordPress plugin, It is specially developed for WooCommerce.

Cart system maintenance is very challenging for those using eCommerce sites. But Woocommerce Mini Cart Drawer is the solution.

It has a nice calculative discount module which gives you more satisfaction in your marketing strategy. The live edit system will give you a nice look at your cart. It will support multi-currency.

Who should use this?

Mini Cart Drawer is a plugin for WooCommerce, you can add it to your WooCommerce site, your buyer will get a nice look & feel from it.

You can boost your sales by offering many dynamic discounts, when your customer will see a progress bar where a text is displaying, spend more than 5 USD then you will get a 3 USD discount then your buyer will try to buy another product. It will increase your sales.

What you will get?

  • Display a nice mini cart into your WooCommerce
  • It can also show tax info and coupon into the mini cart
  • You can choose your suitable color
  • It has an easy control panel
  • You can configure it with WP Customizer
  • You can customize your mini cart icon & content
  • You can offer a dynamic discount
  • You can add multiple discount rules
  • Dynamic discounts can be applied on shipping as well

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